Ezoic Ads Tutorial | High-Earning Setup Guide 2021

you have probably heard about historic by now they do a great job for a ton of bloggers when it comes to ads and monetization of your content I’m running SOIC ads on four of my websites and I recently sold two websites that were also primarily monetized with this or GATS in this video I’ll show you exactly how I set up the ads to make sure that they earn as much revenue as possible, so ads used to be total crap when you would put Adsense on a website several years ago.

Ezoic Ads Tutorial | High-Earning Setup Guide 2021

Ezoic Ads Tutorial: you would probably take around five dollars per thousand page views so when you do those numbers it doesn’t really add up it doesn’t make any sense but today I’m seeing numbers closer to $25 per thousand page views and sometimes much more than that so the reason.

Why ads are becoming increasingly popular among bloggers is because we see some new companies like a SOIC who are doing what we call programmatic ads so when you load a website with these types of ads you click yes to a little pop-up and then you allow cookies but you’re also allowing the ad network to see the browser history and the computer you’re using that means they will do a much better job of matching the right ads with the right users so let’s say you’re reading an article about how to change the light bulb in the old days you would probably see advertising from Philips hue or other types of ads related to light bulbs.

High-Earning Setup Guide 2021

Ezoic Ads Tutorial: but today in the age of programmatic ads you can actually tailor the ads to each user so if you have been looking for basketball’s you’ll probably see ads for basketballs or something related to that on top of that ad prices and ad revenue has been rising year-on-year for many years now so more and more companies are putting a bigger portion of the total marketing budget into online marketing which is great news for bloggers and publishers.

like you and I one of the main reasons why I like history so much is because you can actually get in as soon as you have around 10,000 page views per month on your website most of the other premium ad networks will not take your High-Earning Setup Guide 2021 on unless you have 30,000 or maybe a hundred thousand page views now let’s move over to my screen and see how we set up these apps alright.

so this is what it looks like when you log into your historic dashboard so the first thing you should do is to go to settings and just make sure that your site is integrated you can do it with the WordPress plugin you can do it with the name servers or you can do it with CloudFlare if you’re using that service and then you should go down here and choose whether you want a balanced mode revenue focused use experience focused or some custom settings I usually just go with balanced mode which means that the user will see a normal amount of ads on the website next up go to the monetization part up here and go down to find native ad units I usually turn these on and you can choose here as you can see if you want to show PG or pg-13 content so what this basically does is it will allow a SOIC to show ads for content on other people’s websites you will typically see this on big news sites and stuff like that at the very bottom there will be High-Earning Setup Guide 2021 some display ads and sometimes text links to content on other people’s websites here you can also set a maximum number of ads per page you can do some ad restrictions what I usually do I go down.

To this ad category, I block ads about black magic game playing get-rich-quick and so on and of course if you want to totally maximize your profit you should take all these but I just don’t want to expose my audience to that kind of stuff because I’m totally not into gambling and get-rich-quick schemes and so on but you have the option here to do that and there’s also a lot of other categories here as you can see that you can either take on a tick off when you’ve done all this it’s time to take a look at where the ads will actually display on your site and in the SOIC language this is called ad placeholders so let’s head over to my website here its sewing-machine talk one of my websites.

Ezoic Ads Tutorial: I have installed a browser extension here for Chrome that’s called a SOIC ad tester as soon as you do that you can see here exactly where the ad units can be displayed and if we take this one for example here click it you can click Edit and then you can see if it’s adaptive in sizing and if it could be showed on desktop and tablet and so on you will typically set specific ad units for mobile so this one is for desktop and tablets because they’re quite similar often in size and so on then you can go here and you can select what type of sizes they should be so since this ad is shown out here in the sidebar it’s supposed to be what we call a skyscraper format which basically just mean that it’s taller than its wide take out those that make sense according to the width of your site other than that you can go down here and you can choose to align the ads.

I usually set it to Center and you can also choose that you can’t float and there’s some margin and stuff here so it’s basically things that will make it work perfectly with your specific layout so now we’ve seen how to tailor one specific ad placeholder but the thing you need to understand here is that the is so again Gian is doing some crazy ninja stuff so you need to add basically as many placeholders as possible because this will give the machine learning algorithms enough data to work with in order to maximize the revenue and the really cool thing here is that two different persons coming to your website will see a different amount of ads and they will also see different ads of course.

they will also see different formats because the sewing is being used on a ton of websites so as soon as so it recognized somebody they will already know how many ads they should show and what ads would typically work well with this person I usually have my key account help me do this and this is also because I’m a premium user with the SOIC and that’s the last thing High-Earning Setup Guide 2021: I want to show you when you go in here that’s a premium feature that you should definitely click and apply to so this premium program is something that you have to get accepted into so as you can see here it adds quite a lot of extra revenue the reason why they have this program as I understand it is because when you join premium is so ignores that they will at least have you on their platform for one month you can also sign up for a year and that would save you a lot of money so it cost a little bit to join the premium part but the extra amount of revenue you will earn after joining always makes up for that plus some and there’s also other added benefits like I got a super cool key account manager after signing up for premium and she helps me set up the ads on all my websites to make sure that I have all the placeholders and all the technology I need in order to maximize my profit there’s some sort of premium thing or you can test it for awhile just to see the numbers before you commit to anything and you can always choose how much you want there so it guys to be on board with this or if you want to control everything yourself I definitely recommend that you let the so it guys guide you especially if this is the first time you’re setting up ads on a site with this awake because they know exactly what works of course and they’ve been doing this hundreds.

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